A Typical Day

9:00-10:30am Arrival, Settling In and Outdoor Play (including Fruit Time)
10:30am-10:45am Maths and Science
10:45am-11:00am Morning Tea
11:00am-12:30am Indoor Play and Small Group Activity
12:30pm-12:45pm Language and Literacy
12:45pm-1:00pm Lunch
1:00pm-1:30pm Relaxation Time
1:30pm-2:45pm Outdoor Play and Small Group Work
2:45pm-3:00pm Music, Dance, Drama and Mime
3:00pm Home Time and Table Activities

Arrival & Departure

Parents/authorised person, as noted on enrolment forms, must accompany their child into the Preschool and sign the attendance book.  Again, when you collect your child, please come into the centre and sign your child out, please notify staff if your child is going home with someone else or in a way that is not normal routine.

Families may give permission for Outside School Hours Care (OSHC) staff to sign their child/children in/out of service programs.

If you will not be collecting your child, please inform staff (verbally and written) of the name of the person who will be doing so.  Staff will require identification to verify the person and ask them to sign a “Responsibility of Care” form.  If a person comes to pick up your child and there is no written and verbal authorisation then your child will not be released from the centre, unless it can be confirmed by the Director that it is appropriate to do so.  PLEASE DO NOT BE OFFENDED AS THIS IS TO PROTECT YOUR CHILD.

Please notify or phone staff if you are going to be late or if your child will not be attending on a specific day. If you are running late, please notify the Preschool so that staff can reassure your child.

Please note that the preschool hours are 9:00am to 3:00pm. Children dropped off earlier or collected later, will be charged OSHC fees.

What to Bring

A school bag, big enough for lunch box, clothes, artwork, etc.,

* Clearly label your child’s bag and belongings with your child’s name please *

Lunch box containing healthy morning tea and a nutritious lunch.  “Nude Foods” (those without plastic wrappers) and nut free lunches are preferred.

A drink bottle containing water.

A piece of fruit or vegetable to be shared at morning snack time to be put in the relevant fruit/veg basket for your child.  Please place lunch box in fridge and drink bottle in drink basket upon arrival.  Microwave facilities are available if there is food to be reheated. Please advise staff.

A change of clothes (comfortable “old” clothes are preferred.)  Our service takes no responsibility for stained clothing, for example paint, texta, dirt etc.

Please ensure all property, including shoes are marked with your child’s name.  Every care is taken, but no liability can be accepted for loss or damaged property.

What Not to Bring

Bermagui Preschool, Long Day Care, Outside School Hours Care and Vacation Care is a “Nut Free Service” please don’t bring any nuts or any products containing nuts thankyou.

No “junk food” eg; lollies, chocolates, fizzy drinks, high sugar, cordial etc.

Toys from home are generally discouraged; however, this is left to parent’s discretion. New enrolments may find a favourite toy from home comforting to have at the service. Every care is take, but no liability can be accepted for loss or damaged property.

General Information

green dot/></div> <p>  Excursions

Excursions play a valuable part in the learning experience provided for children in early childhood settings, and may therefore be undertaken from time to time during the year. Excursions involving walking to locations close to the Preschool are covered by the permission given by signing the enrolment form. Parents will be notified in advance when excursions are planned that involve locations further a field. Permission forms must be signed and returned, together with any money due, prior to the children attending. Parents who have concerns with any aspect of an excursion are encouraged to discuss these with staff.

 blue dot  Rest and Sleep Times

After lunch the children participate in a relaxation program which includes stories, yoga, resting and quiet activities.  Sleep time in not a part of the service program, however if a child shows signs of requiring sleep or if a parent would like their child to have sleep, facilities are available and staff will cater for these needs.

 yellow star  Student Placements

At times we have students from TAFE, universities and local high schools on placement to learn about children services and education. Please make them feel welcome.

 red dot  Immunisation, Diseases and Sick Children

A notice will be displayed at the in/out area if there is an occurrence of an infectious disease, head lice, conjunctivitis etc…

Children, who are not immunised, will be required to leave the centre should an outbreak of a communicable disease occur. Medical Certificates are necessary for re-admission to the centre in some circumstances.

Our service cannot provide care for sick children. If a child is sick at the centre, a parent will be contacted and asked to take the child home. Parents are requested to notify staff immediately of any infectious diseases contracted by their child. If you believe your child is becoming unwell please allow them to have a rest at home for a day.

 orange dot  Administering of Medicine

Medication will only be administered if:

  • Prescribed by a medical practitioner.
  • Relevant details are filled in by parent/guardian in the Medicine Book.
  • Medication is handed to a staff member and stored in the fridge or in the locked cupboard in the kitchen. Under no circumstances is medication to be left in a child’s bag or a place accessible to children.
  • Medication is clearly identified by a label with the child’s name, time to be administered and dosage clearly shown.

 purple dot  Health, Safety and Hygiene

Our service follows strict health, safety and hygiene regulations as outlined in the Education & Care Services National Regulations 2011 and Work Health & Safety Act 2011. Please see staff, our policies and procedures folder (located in the sign in/sign out area) or information displayed throughout the Preschool if you have any questions related to these areas.

brown dot  Confidentiality

All information relating to children and families will be kept strictly confidentially according to the Bermagui Preschool’s Policies and Procedures. Our Policy and Procedure Manual is kept in our sign in/out area and is available for all families to read. Click here to view our Privacy Policy.

green dot/></div> <p> Grievance and Complaints Handling Procedure

We hope that your association with our service is a happy one, however, parents/guardians are encouraged to discuss any concerns with the staff at the service.   We anticipate that any issues can be resolved informally.  However, if concerns cannot be resolved informally parents are encouraged to refer to the Formal Process in the Grievance and Complaints Handling Procedures.  A copy of our Policy and Procedure Folder is in the sign in/out area of the Preschool.  All grievance and complaints will be confidential to protect all parties involved.