Bermagui Preschool Newsletter – 15th February 2017

2017 Term Dates

Term 1    Monday, 30 January to Friday, 07 April
Term 2    Monday, 24 April to Friday, 30 June
Term 3    Monday, 17 July to Friday, 22 September
Term 4    Tuesday, 09 October to Wednesday, 13 December
These dates are subject to change.

Carol and Gary Crees Adventures in Music

Carol and Gary Crees will be performing at Bermagui Preschool on Thursday 16th February at 11am. Carol and Gary are early childhood specialists who run a fun filled music show with songs and dances from around the world. Children who attend on other days are welcome to join us with their parents.

Thank you

Thank you to the following people who helped out at Preschool: 
Isabel Haida for the lovely German Books for our Preschool.

StePPS Vision Screening

The StEPS program is an initiative of NSW Health and offers all 4-year old children free vision screening. They will be at Pre School later in the year to do vision screening, however a consent form needs to be completed by parents. Please see Narelle if you have not completed and returned the screening consent forms for your child.

Same Wave Program Beach activities for people with a disability with Bermagui SLSC!

The Same Wave program has been running at Pambula SLSC for 16 years now and it’s also running at Moruya SLSC.  Same Wave is an opportunity for people of all ages with a disability to participate in fun beach activities and learn about the surf and water safety. The activities are based on ones that are part of regular Nippers programs and are modified to fit the abilities of the participants.  Bermagui SLSC is looking for interest in running a couple of pilot sessions in March.  If the program is popular they will look at introducing it fully in February and March next season.  Dates for the pilot session are: Saturday – 4th March 2017 @ 9:30-11am Saturday – 18th March 2017 @9:30-11am  To book a spot in the pilot, please email Cheryl McCarthy at or phone at 0459- 238-442 by Wednesday 22nd February 2017.
They also looking for volunteers willing to come down and lend a hand. While every participant will have a qualified lifesaver with them, you don’t have to have your Bronze Medallion to help out, just a smile and willingness to have some fun!  Pambula SLSC has created a youtube video to show how the program runs. Check it out at:  This program will help the kids to have fun, learn and participate in activities such as flags, sprints, beach relays, as well as a number of other recreational activities. Depending on confidence and water ability participants can also learn to balance and paddle surfboards and to experience the excitement of catching what for some may be their first wave to the shore.

Pre Writing and Literacy

In a culture that has placed increasing demands on children to achieve, we have found many young children are encouraged to write and are given writing tools before they are ready to use them. To reflect best practice in Early Childhood education, at Bermagui Pre School we provide children with opportunities to develop, practice and refine their pre-writing and literacy skills in an age appropriate, play based way. This includes providing plenty of opportunities to develop fine motor skills through playing games with pegs, threading, cutting with scissors, using playdough and other tools, painting and drawing. This kind of play helps develop the hand skills that are required in order to move onto successful writing.

When each child is ready we encourage children to use a grasp that is suitable to their level of development and ability when using drawing and writing tools. As with all skills, this will be at different ages for each individual child.

Please remember to keep any pre writing activities fun!!! If a child is forced to write before they are ready they may actually develop a negative attitude that may make it difficult for them to enjoy writing when they get to school and in later life. Further information about pre writing and literacy is displayed at Pre School and in our day book.

Cobargo Playgroup times and happenings

Parents, Carers and grandparents of children aged 0-5 years are welcome to come along and have a cuppa in a safe and relaxed setting toys and activities are provided. Please bring a hat and a piece of fruit to share for morning tea.

Tuesday 7th February Cobargo Public School: Time 10am – 11.30am No bake cooking activity
Tuesday 14th February Cobargo Public School: Time 10am – 11.30am Mobile Toy Truck
Tuesday 21th February Cobargo Public School: Time 10am – 11.30am Basic First Aid information session (Sapphire Coast First Aid Service)
Tuesday 28th February Cobargo Public School: Time 10am – 11.30am No bake cooking activity
Tuesday 7th March Cobargo Public School: Time 10am – 11.30am Mobile Toy Truck
Tuesday 14th March Cobargo Public School: Time 10am – 11.30am Basic First Aid information session (Sapphire Coast First Aid Service)
Tuesday 21st  March Cobargo Public School: Time 10am – 11.30am No bake cooking activity
Tuesday 28th March Cobargo Public School: Time 10am – 11.30am Basic First Aid information session (Sapphire Coast First Aid Service)
Tuesday 4th April  Cobargo Public School: Time 10am – 11.30am Mobile Toy Truck

For further information please contact Kylie on: 0427 677 066

Board of Directors

Dear Parents, Caregivers, Volunteers and Members of our Community –

Several people have been asking about the Bermagui Preschool AGM and how they can be involved. This note is to clarify the AGM process.

The AGM will be held at Bermagui Preschool on Wednesday 29th March 2017, 3.15pm at Bermagui Preschool, directly after Preschool. All welcome, including children, family members, neighbours etc, as we will be having an afternoon tea immediately after.

You can be involved by putting up your hand to be elected for one of the 7 positions on the Board or by voting for who you wish to be on the Board or simply by coming along to enjoy afternoon tea!!!

The AGM will run for approximately 15 minutes and will be followed by the afternoon tea. The Pre School will provide yummy cakes, slices, tea and coffee, with families invited to bring along something yummy to share. Please remember we are a nut free Pre School. This will be a great opportunity to meet our new families, socialize and just have fun!!!

The AGM will include a brief presentation of reports, followed by all positions of the 2017 Board of Directors being declared vacant. Nominations will be called for the 7 positions for the 2017 Board of Directors. These positions are all equal, with no position having power or more responsibility over others, i.e there will be no titles such as president, secretary or treasurer.

Nominations will be through a show of hands, so if you would like to be considered as one of the 7 directors, please put up your hand when nominations are called for at the meeting. If you are unable to attend the meeting and wish to be considered for election, please complete the attached nomination slip. If more than 7 people are nominated, then all those who are entitled to vote (i.e all parents/ caregivers who have paid Preschool fees) will be given a ballot paper to record the people they wish to see elected. The 7 people receiving the highest number of votes will become the new Board.

Once elected, the Board members will meet approximately once a month (meeting usually run for about 1 hour) to make decisions related to the “macro” management of the preschool, such as strategic planning, overall directions etc. The date for the first Board Meeting will be set by the newly appointed Board of Directors. Once the Board has been elected, the Annual Meeting will be closed, and the afternoon tea will commence.

Please come along and support your Preschool on Wednesday 29th March 2017, 3.15pm. We need your support and we need your input into the selection of the Board of Directors.  It’s for our wonderful kids and Preschool!!!

If you have any queries or wish to discuss what is involved in being a Board Member please see Narelle, thankyou.

We look forward to seeing you on the day!


Please detach and return to Pre School by Friday 24th March

My family will be attending the AGM and Preschool afternoon tea on Wednesday 29th March 2017, 3.15pm at Bermagui Preschool

Child’s Name:________________________________________________________________

Number of Adults:_____________ Number of Children: __________________

I will bring the following food to share: ___________________________________



I ____________________________________ (insert name), would like to nominate for a position on the Bermagui Pre School Board of Directors.

Signed: _____________________________________    Date: __________________

Nominated by: _______________________________  Signed: _________________________

Seconded by: ________________________________  Signed: _________________________